I won't always be small

March 20, 2018
“I won’t always cry, Mummy, When you leave the room and my supermarket tantrums, Will end too soon. I won’t always wake, Daddy, … For cuddles through the night An...
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10 things to thank you mum for

March 06, 2018
I came across this piece by Christa Cutler and ticked off each item on the list. What about you? Moms are the best. They care for you, love you and support you. There ar...
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February 19, 2018
Headshot images are very popular for personal use, business cards, web and social media. Most companies include headshot portraits to allow prospective clients see who th...
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February 14, 2018
A family portrait photograph should capture the love and joy of family life, but also a landscape that has meaning, life, and is truly representative of the faces in the...
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Perfect moments

January 16, 2018
Many of my clients find that just around the time that the children go off to university is a perfect time to refresh the family portrait. There are no perfect parents...
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They grow up so fast

December 05, 2017
There is no denying it. Enjoy it while they’re little. Everyone says so. They grow so fast. And that phrase seems both so totally true and so totally false at the same...
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This is our happily ever after

November 21, 2017
The Tate family were in the studio last month. I photographed Grant and Sophie almost ten years ago and it was a great thrill for me to refresh and update their portraits...
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November 11, 2017
There is no death in remembrance. Remember me, Sarah. Remember me, and a part of me will always be with you. - Kathleen Kent, The Heretic's Daughter Being in this fine m...
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Return of the wanderer

November 07, 2017
So, the big brother comes home from New Zealand for a short holiday - what do you do? You contact Drew McWilliams for a family portrait! During your time together you r...
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1000 miles per hour

October 30, 2017
"You make the small moments special. Life’s not always going to be full of heart-throbbing thrills and non-stop adventure, but when it slows down, I'll know I can sit wit...
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Professional family and children's portrait photography in Northern Ireland. Drew is a qualified Associate member of both the 'Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers' and the 'National Photographic Society'. He is qualified to Licentiate level with the 'Professional Photographers Association of Northern Ireland' and is a Master Photographer of the 'National Photographic Society'.