Keeping time

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Black and white photograph of a young mother, father, son and baby girlFamily at homeNew born baby completes family I glanced at the "Now Serving" clock for the umpteenth time in just a few seconds.

When I entered the surgery waiting room it seemed quite full but my ticket put me at just 12th place in the queue. “Not be long going in”, I said to myself as I took my seat.

An hour later and I'm still only 5th in line. I thought to myself, “That's sixty minutes of my life I'll not get back again!”
- and I still had to wait 5 lingering places more, willing that damned clock to move forward!

Black and white photograph of father and his daughters at Drew McWilliams PhotographyFather and daughtersFather and daughters enjoy a laugh I started to reflect on other seconds, minutes and hours I'll not get back in my life.

- watching the spinning wifi connection icon.

- waiting on the kettle to boil.

- holding for a human to talk to whilst pressing through a series of telephone keyboard choices.

- And how many minutes have I sat and watched the BBC News 24 introduction scroll through 30 seconds (it actually seems longer) of reporters around the world - while mentally counting down the seconds on the screen!

Not exactly memorable moments of my life; instantly forgettable. And that's exactly what happens to all those lost seconds and minutes - straight into the waste bin.

Black and white family photography by Drew McWilliamsFamilyContemporary family photography in Northern Ireland When I think about the best ways in which I’ve used time it's definitely been with my family.

When I was younger, I may not always have appreciated it at the moment but how I wish I had those times and those photographs now.

Helping families tell their story....because family is the most important thing in the world. #wechoosefamily

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