Never ask a woman her age

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Black and white photograph of a blond woman and mother of five children.MotherA milestone birthday!
My favorite age is now. I love my friendships, and I know I have fun things to look forward to.
Kirsten Dunst

A gentleman doesn't ask a lady her age and it was clear that this particular lady was not going to volunteer it......but her daughter did!

We were meeting to discuss a family portrait to celebrate the mother's, well let's just say, a "milestone birthday".

Mum was a little reticent - but she needn't have been. A beautiful woman, she has raised five wonderfully close children who look out for one another and get on so well together.

Black and white family photograph of mother and her five grown up children.Family celebration photographMother and children pose for birthday photograph

“All that I am or ever hope to be, I owe to my angel mother.” 
Abraham Lincoln

They're all busy people and it can be difficult to get any family all together for a portrait. "How long will it take?" is a common question that I'm asked. We knew in advance what portraits we wanted and the photo session took just 15 minutes from the first shot, to set up and check lighting, to the last - a shot of just the "kids". The framed wall art was ready in four days.

Never ask a woman her age  (Philippa Willitts)

One day, when I was a small child, I asked my Grandma how old she was. A collective gasp arose in the room around me and somebody said, in hushed tones of vague outrage, “Philippa! You never ask a lady her age!”.

Obviously this made no sense, so I asked why and was told that it because it was rude.

I challenged the ruling, and I made an extra effort to be very polite. I definitely said both please and thank you when I re-asked the question, but to no avail. I left the room knowing the ages of my Dad, my Granddad and my Grandpa, but not my Mum or my Grandma.


And the lady in question's age? I think she may agree with Joelle, "Age is irrelevant. Ask me how many sunsets I've seen, hearts I've loved, trips I've taken, or concerts I've been too. That's how old I am."

In any case,

You'll have to ask her yourself!



Lovely 'young'lady Beautiful pics....but then again you have great models there Xxx
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