Can you sit cross legged?

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Black and white photograph of two young sisters sitting cross legged in studio.SistersSisters sit and talk together
I photographed Grace as a baby and then as a toddler. Today she's a big girl - about to go into Primary 2 at the new Dromore Central Primary School. This, third time that I was photographing her, she introduced her wee sister, Alex.

"Let's start with Alex sitting crossed legged", said I.

"Oh, she never sits down! She's always on the go", said her mum - Granny nodding in agreement.

Alex certainly is a real 'live wire' and I was quite out of breath at the end of our session, but I did manage to catch this one image of the two of them. Alex looks positively serene!

Black and white photograph of an 18 month old girl in summer dress running and playing.Toddler on the go!No holding his 18 month old girl back!

Our session lasted just 25 minutes and I'm quite positive that both Alex AND I needed a lie down afterwards.

I'm also quite sure that Alex, Grace AND I enjoyed our time together very much.

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