Lips were invented because words sometimes fail

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Black and white photograph of mother and two sons by Drew McWilliams, Family Photographer, Northern IrelandMother and sonsMother's Pride

Lips were invented because words sometimes fail

Smile for the camera; say “cheese”, “Gorgonzola”, “monkeys” - that’s not how I work with my clients.


I love a natural smile - one that reveals something about a person’s character or their relationship with another.


You may have noticed that my Wall Art is not about the clothes one choses to wear, but always emphasize the faces and smiles.


My routine normally is to TALK with my client to build up a knowledge of who and why I’m photographing. The information gleaned might include input on relative heights, or even the sort of music they listen to.


This allows me to PREPARE the studio background, lights, and plan where I’ll place everyone in an image relative to one another.

Black and white photograph of brother and his four sisters by Drew McWilliams, Family Photographer, Northern IrelandBrother and sistersThe family

As a result, sessions can zip along at a pace so as to not give clients too long to worry or to think too much about how I ask them to stand or sit - which can lead to static expressions and eyes that are only weakly focused.


My intention is to capture on their lips what words cannot say (but not their thoughts and concerns about standing in front of a stranger with a black box in front of his face “written on their face”).

Black and white photograph of mother and father with their young son by Drew McWilliams, Family Photographer, Northern IrelandFirst BirthdayFun with mum and dad - and the photographer A final CHECK on my lights; REFINE the pose to change the position, say of the hands and ….SNAP
- at 200th of a second!
- a kiss you might say!


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