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Black and white photograph of a mother cradling her baby girl by Drew McWilliams Family and Children's Photography, Northern IrelandMother and baby girlMother with baby girl in her arms I return to a repeating theme in my notes - how fleeting the time is when our children are young. I know it doesn't seem like it at the time - the lack of sleep, the money worries, sometimes even the loneliness - and it life can seem like it's passing you by. You can't see an end to nappies, endless washing, untidy rooms, feeling like you're trapped.

But, believe me, it is a fleeting moment in time.  You probably won't believe me - now- but one day you'll pass the same information on to other young parents.

Black and white photograph of a father playing with his two young sons by Drew McWilliams Family and Children's Photographer in Co Down.Dad and his boysA father playing with his sons I found this advice:

Take a deep breath and enjoy the moment in front of you. This is the only day you’re really guaranteed, so make it as full of love and life as you possibly can.  Time spent listening to stories, offering understanding, rubbing backs, sharing cookies, walking in the park, correcting behavior; all of it is priceless and the best gift you can offer. And don’t forget, teens and young adults need you, too. The time together will be more difficult to find, but do it, anyway.

You won't regret it!

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