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What are you up to this holiday?

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The schools are breaking up for the Easter holidays and hopefully the sun will keep on shining as we make family memories together.

When the kids were young our holidays, and most weekends, involved packing the caravan to capacity with tents, bicycles, bats, balls, BBQ food, wine (and more wine) as we headed for Co Antrim and the North Coast of Northern Ireland.

Maybe you're taking off somewhere nice....

Black and white family photograph of a family having fun jumping in the airFamily portrait photography in Northern Ireland by Drew McWilliamsTaking off with the family

Or maybe you're messing around with the kids at home....

Black and white family and children fun photography by Drew McWilliams, BelfastFamily fun photography by Drew McWilliams, Northern IrelandMaking memories with the family

6 Things happy families do together

1. Talk

Getting the whole family together to simply talk to each other doesn't sound like a huge challenge, but it can be. Devices are on. People don't talk as much as they used to.

2. Eat

Maybe we don't talk as much as we used to because we don't eat together as much as we used to, but there's evidence that family dinner is linked to several positive outcomes for your children.

3. Laugh

The more time you carve out together as a family, the more funny memories and in-jokes you create. Even the things that don't seem at all funny at the time may seem hilarious in a few months or years. Family time should be fun time.

4. Learn

A learning experience doesn't have to be formal. Have fun going to a child-friendly museum or a science centre. Learn to grow vegetables, or build a tree house together. Watch a documentary that appeals to the whole family.

5. Play

Is there a game or sport the whole family loves to play together? Whether it's a board game, a physical activity or a simple water balloon fight on a summer evening, play is bonding and beneficial for your family relationships, at any age.

6. Exercise

This doesn't have to be complicated. It can be a family hike or bike ride. If it's a type of exercise that involves a challenge or some kind of teamwork, even better. It feels so good to reach a common goal as a family. (source: Things happy families do together)

Maybe visit church as a family....

Family and children's photography by Drew McWilliams, Northern IrelandFamily at churchFamily sitting together in their church pew Make sure you take some holiday snaps....

Lifestyle photography in Northern Ireland by Drew McWilliamsSnapping the familyFamily enjoy photographing each other

Whatever you're up to, keep safe and remember, life goes by in the blink of an eye, so be sure to appreciate the many moments with family and friends that make your life complete

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....because family is the most important thing in the world.


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