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When God created a woman for me....

August 23, 2017  •  2 Comments

Black and white photograph of man and wifeCoupleHusband and wife celebrate wedding anniversary by Drew McWilliams Photography, Northern Ireland

As Joe Dolan would say:

When God created a woman for me
he must have been in a beautiful mood
to show the world what a woman could be
when he created a woman like you.

How "the wee woman" has put up with me for all of our 38 years together, I'll never be able to fathom - but one thing I do know, and that is that from the moment I first saw her in the Coffee Bar at Stanmillis College Union in 1976, she was the one for me!

Looking back, it's funny how life can look like you're viewing it through some sort of telescopic lens - the sort of lens photographers use to compress an image so that the background looks closer than it actually is.

Events that seem like "only yesterday" actually happened many years ago.

It's a mystery. A wonder! And here's another.....

1976 I met an angel
1977 I asked her to marry me
1978 She started 'going out' with me
1979 She married me 38 years ago today

It seems like only yesterday....and It's still a mystery.

The church service was at 11am on a Friday; from there, Jim Bell drove us the half mile up through Banbridge to the Belmont Hotel where Brian Rooney photographed us all; we had the meal and speeches, followed by dancing to “Teamwork” – a local band; and we still had to be clear of the hotel for 6pm in order to facilitate their setting up for the popular, weekly Friday night disco!

I took my bride to stay the night at the Belfast’s Europa Hotel, before taking the half hour flight (my first ever) to the Isle of Man. We had booked the grand sounding Castle Mona Hotel for our honeymoon. Sadly, the “castle” was rather less than luxurious. We were both sick for part of the week.

Home on the Saturday, I was back teaching at Dunmurry High School on the Monday.

We moved into our first house together three months later and started the process of using wedding presents of china tea sets, bales of towels, electric cutting knives, glass decanters, etc. – oh, and a Soda Stream Fountain. We also enjoyed the loan of second-hand TV, three-piece-suit, fridge, oven and washing machine.

I’ve taken many photographs of the Wee Woman – the one below is by Banbridge photographer, Brian Rooney on that fateful day – but I don’t think we’ve changed much over the years. I’m still as good looking, intelligent, perfect, witty, humble....

We may not tend to sit on the same settee together any more when we watch TV but I still look across the room at Linda with amazement - and my mouth open (silently!)


Oh me oh my you make me sigh
you're such a good looking woman
when people stop and people stare
you know it fills my heart with pride
you watch their eyes they're so surprised
they think you've fallen out of heaven
and if you listen to what they're talking abouttalking about who's walking about with an angel at his side.

Bride and groom on wedding daylinda-and-drew-weddingWedding day photo

Happy anniversary, wee woman x

"You're Such a Good Looking Woman" is a song by Irish singer Joe Dolan, written by Albert Hammond Mike Hazlewood. It was released in 1970 – just 6 years before I met Linda for the first time - becoming an international hit for Dolan, peaking at number 4 on the Irish Singles Chart and number 17 on the UK Singles Chart.

Ack, sure it’s worth listening to again here:



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Dawn ferguson(non-registered)
What a lovely tribute to your wonderful wife. And yestotally agree with you regarding the Facebook static! Happy anniversary and I wish you many many more happy years together
Cathy Abraham(non-registered)
Mr Drew McWilliam as one of our best men at weddingit has always been an honour to call you and it beautiful Linda friends xx happy anniversary xx
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