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Black and white family photograph of unconditional love. A father surrounded-by his wife and daughtersfather-surrounded-by-his-wife-and--daughtersA family moment A family portrait photograph should capture the love and joy of family life, but also a landscape that has meaning, life, and is truly representative of the faces in the picture. I love this portrait of a dad - obviously a much loved dad - surrounded by the women in his life.

Just look at the meaning of the look between him and the youngest daughter. Each of the other daughters, in turn, have known that special relationship and enjoy it again.

As they look at this image thorough the years, what memories will it stir?

Capturing such a photograph is so much more than just pointing and shooting with an expensive camera, so much more than textbook knowledge of light and posing, it is based on a combination of the eye and the heart.

Black and white photograph of familyFamily portraits by Drew McWilliams Photography, Northern IrelandThe family photograpy Many people look for happiness in buying material things - clothes, handbags, the latest phone, the most recent reg car - despite the fact the we've all experienced, many times, disappointment as material things lose their dazzle. Within a year or two, they're out of fashion, outdated and the joy they once possessed, a source of irritation if it can't work as well as, say the new iPhone 8 or whatever.

Fine art family portraits don't lose beauty or value because their essence is beyond the physical canvas and frame. They grow in value and joy for as long as you, and your family own them.

I can well imagine this dad's grandchildren, in years to come, admiring and loving this portrait just as much as the family do today.


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Professional family and children's portrait photography in Northern Ireland. Drew is a qualified Associate member of both the 'Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers' and the 'National Photographic Society'. He is qualified to Licentiate level with the 'Professional Photographers Association of Northern Ireland' and is a Master Photographer of the 'National Photographic Society'.