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10 things to thank you mum for

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Black and white family photographFamily photography by Drew McWilliams, Northern IrelandMum is the centre of her family

I came across this piece by Christa Cutler and ticked off each item on the list. What about you?

Moms are the best. They care for you, love you and support you. There are some roles that moms are best at fulfilling. Not to say that someone else can't do these for you, but these things are especially comforting when a mother does them for you.

Here are ten things moms are saints for doing

1. Have you

Obviously, this is something that only your mom can do for you because this is what makes you her child. But when you stop and think about the time and the pain she went through so you could just be here and breathe, you might want to take a moment to call your mom and say thank you.

2. Feed you

Since the day you were born, you mother has again sacrificed her body and time so you have food to eat. Even if you were bottle-fed, your mother made sure your cries were heard and your tummy was full.

Black and white photograph of mother and her new born baby girlFamily and baby photography by Drew McWilliams, Northern Ireland Mother and baby girl

3. Dry tears

Moms somehow always know how to comfort you. Whether you are crying from a scraped knee or a breakup, your mother was there with one of those reassuring hugs and a hand to hold.

4. Clean up throw-up

Your mom has been there for you even when things get gross. She takes care of you even when you are sick. Not only do moms clean up throw-up, they refill your orange juice glass, find more blankets when you get cold and help you remember to take your medicine. Black and white family photograph of mother and daughterFamily and children's photography by Drew McWilliams, Northern Ireland Mother and daughter are best friends 5. Go to music lessons

Let's get real. At the beginning you weren't that good at your instrument, but your mom stood by your side and encouraged you. Thank her for encouraging you to try new things and for teaching you the importance of practicing.

6. Keep your drawings

Whenever you made something for your mom, no matter how hideous it was, your mom always said thank you and displayed it. Your mom was always proud of you for trying.

Black and white family photograph of mother and daughterFamily photography by Drew McWilliams, Northern Ireland Mother and daughter still close

7. Stay up late for you

When you started going out with friends late at night, your mom wanted to make sure you were safe. She stayed up for you even when she knew she had to get up early in the morning. She asked you questions about how it went, who was there and if you had fun.

8. Pack your lunch ... even when you're an adult

It didn't happen every day, but mom-made lunches are the best. Be sure to thank her for taking the time to make you a delicious meal.

9. Surprise you just because

Whether it's a little gift or taking you out to lunch, your mother loves to spontaneously surprise you and see your smile. She just wants you to be happy.

10. Remember you night and day

No one will remember you like your mom does. She loves who you are and the things you do. She prays for you to be successful and for you to be happy.


Where would we be without our mums?

When I was just seven years of age I had to stay in hospital to have my tonsils out. On the day of my operation, as I was coming round from the anesthetic, I remember turning in the bed and, as I turned, I caught sight of my mum sitting over me. I was so drowsy and sleepy but - given that she had been sitting with me for who-knows-how-long, I couldn't lie with my back to her just in case she thought I didn't care!

I probably didn't make much sense when I did turn round to her and I don't actually remember anything of our conversation then. Likely I fell back to sleep.

But I knew she cared and I certainly felt loved.

Black and white family photography by Drew McWilliams, Northern Ireland Me and my motherThank you, mum!

My mum is still "sitting over me". I need her just as much today as I did that day back in 1962.


You mother has done and continues to do so much for you. Be sure to call her or spend time with her.

Be sure to thank her. Be sure to tell her you love her.


A framed portrait is a wonderful way to say, "Thank you".

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Black and white family photographFamily photography by Drew McWilliams, Northern Ireland The family

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